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Claudia Marianno is an illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. For many years she worked as a graphic designer in an educational design studio and then on magazines at the Brazilian publisher Editora Abril.
She has been illustrating full-time since 2017 for clients such as Editora do Brasil, FTD, Mathema, Moderna, SM Educação.


Claudia holds a BA degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Sao Paulo (but she has never worked as an architect!).

Dyslexia meant she struggled with communication as a child and she started drawing to express herself without words. She found her love of books at 10, and was hooked on everything from Machado de Assis to Agatha Christie.


Claudia has a passion for creating detailed, urban, crowded scenes. She’s obsessed with Victorian England and the impressionism movements.


She now lives with her stray cats in Indaiatuba, a countryside town so small that it doesn't have a single bookstore!

Claudia Marianno is represented by Advocate Art.

For all inquiries, please contact

​Picture Books / Livro Infantil

Maxwell Moth & the Bright Lights of Paris, Amy Dunjey, Five Mile,  2024

Stem Heroes, Inspiring Trailblazers Who Ignite Your Minds, Silvana Spence, 2024

The 3 Little Pigs, A.D. Warne, Ciranda na Escola, 2024

Enquanto você espera, Simone Land, Editora Concórdia, 2023

​Melanin Pride, Celebrating the skin we're in,  Finá Lowman and Regina C. King, 2022

As escolhas de Bibi, Andreia Fernanda, Ciranda na Escola, 2022

​A Arara Clara, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

A Abelinha Belinha, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

A Borboleta Violeta, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

O Jabuti Jurupi, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

A Minhoca Paçoca, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

​O Papai dos meus sonhos, Natália Batista, Ciranda Cultural, 2020

​Barbareco – O menino que queria ser palhaço, Mário Candido, Ciranda Cultural, 2019

​Educational TextBooks / Livro Paradidático


O Ratinho do Campo e a Ratinha da Cidade, Poliedro - Ed Infantil, 2023

Pinóquio - coleção Marcha Criança, Editora Scipione, 2019

Letras e Contos, Editora Scipione, 2019​

Mais de 100 labirintos incríveis, Editora Escala, 2017​

A Bela e a Fera – coleção Marcha Criança, Editora Scipione, 2011


Cada Elements, Ciranda Cultural, Ciranda na escola, Editora Escala , Editora do Brasil, Editora da Concórdia, Editora Mackenzie, Editora Scipione, Five Mile, FTD, Leya, Mathema, Moderna, Poliedro, Saber Santillana, SM edições, Somos, Storytime Magazine.

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