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I'm Claudia Marianno, freelance illustrator based in Indaiatuba, Brazil, a countryside city that doesn't have a single bookstore in town.

I'm dyslexic, I learned to talk only at 8 years and read my first book at 10 (it was a glorious day) so color pencils and crayons were my best company in my life.

I studied Architecture and Urbanism at University of Sao Paulo (FAU-USP) but I worked as an architect intern for only 5 days to find out that I couldn't live without colors, textures, cute and weird things at the same time!

I have illustrated for education companies, magazines and children's books publishers.

If you would like to work with me or have any questions, please contact me. 

Obrigada/Thank you


Clients include: Ases da Literatura, Cada Bricks, Ciranda Cultural, Ciranda na Escola, Editora Abril, Editora Concórdia, Editora do Brasil, Editora Escala, Editora Scipione, FTD, Leya, Mathema, Moderna, Poliedro, Revista Daslu, Santillana, Somos, SM edições, StoryTime Magazine

​Picture Books / Livro Infantil

Enquanto você espera, Simone Land, Editora Concórdia, 2023

Os Três Porquinhos, Donaldo Buchweitz, Ciranda Cultural, 2023

​Melanin Pride, Finá Lowman and Regina King, 2022

A Fada Lili, Daniela Baez Takahashi, Ases da Literatura, 2022

As escolhas de Bibi, Andreia Fernanda, Ciranda na Escola, 2022

​A Arara Clara, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

A Abelinha Belinha, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

A Borboleta Violeta, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

O Jabuti Jurupi, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

A Minhoca Paçoca, Mari Piaia, Ciranda na Escola, 2021

​O Papai dos meus sonhos, Natália Batista, Ciranda Cultural, 2020

​Barbareco – O menino que queria ser palhaço, Mário Candido, Ciranda Cultural, 2019

​Educational TextBooks / Livro Paradidático


O Ratinho do Campo e a Ratinha da Cidade, Polígono - Ed Infantil, 2023

Pinóquio - coleção Marcha Criança, Editora Scipione, 2019

Letras e Contos, Editora Scipione, 2019​

Mais de 100 labirintos incríveis, Editora Escala, 2017​

A Bela e a Fera – coleção Marcha Criança, Editora Scipione, 2011

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